Our 2019 Formula 1 sim racing season is in full swing. We have eight races down and plenty more to go. The new mod and more limited tires have mixed things up, but, the same fast drivers have found a way to stay at or near the top. We just got a tire update and I think that helps too.  Otto and Rich are doing a great job in the Williams holding down spots one and two, in fact they are pulling out a very large lead !  Jeff in the Alfa has taken over 3rd spot.


We have already completed 5 out of the 10 races in our Classic F1 Series. Glyn has taken the lead in the series with some very good finishes all along. 


These cars are a lot of fun to drive and given some practice and skill, you can be very competitive with little setup changes from the default.  You can find the cars and a mod that already has the tracks on Steam. Here are the links.



The mod with the tracks built in:


If you want to race, all you need to do is register in our forum and join the  Formula 1 racing season. All F1 races are at 6:30pm Pacific Time.

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