The 2019 F1 season is over. Here is the final scoring:

2019 Championship Results

As for the teams, Williams dominated. Besides being fast, they scored points in every event. Their closest rival missed scoring points in 4 events. Given RedBull scored 20 points on average in the events they scored, that’s giving away a lot of points in those 4 races. Ferrari in third scored zero points in 8 races. That just won’t get it done.

The drivers championship showed that the two drivers in Williams are the ones to beat with Otto in 1st and Richard in 2nd. Predictably, positions 3 and 4 where the RedBull drivers.  Adam got by his teammate at the last race of the season, by scoring 33 points in the last two races with Glyn only getting 6 in the same races. With Glyn’s new schedule in real life and the number of events he didn’t attend or score, it really highlights how well he did when he WAS on the track to come in fourth.

All in all, it was a fun year for most of the drivers and the mod was easier on the rubber than previous rF2 mods we’ve used. It could still use some work, if were plan on using it next season. I’ll keep everyone updated on that subject.

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