Our 2019 Formula 1 sim racing season is about to start. This will be our 17 season of racing. We have an updated car from last season with new specs to try and simulate this years changes. Preseason is over. The first race will be on Monday March 18th. We have plenty of seats available.


The testing period for the Vintage cars for our secondary events this season is pretty much over. Unless something is brought up at the last minute, because that part of our season begins, it will be the 1991 F1 cars.

We have a picked the cars and tracks for the Classic F1 Series. You can find the cars and a mod that already has the tracks on Steam. Here are the links.



The mod with the tracks built in:


If you want to race, all you need to do is register in our forum and join the  Formula 1 racing season. All F1 races are at 6:30pm Pacific Time.

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