Last night was the Hungarian GP. We had a good turn out, with new guys, to start the race, but not everyone was around to see the end of the race. Qualifying was tight, at the top positions, with Otto getting another pole position. As is often the case, taking care of your tires was the best strategy at this track. Some could do that an retain speed, other could not. There was close racing between various drivers, even if the groups were broken up. In the end, Sean was able to pass Otto for the lead, and a mistake on Otto’s part sealed the win for Sean. Craig had the worst sort of end, as he ran out of fuel with one lap to go and lost 5th place. I’d feel more sorry for him, but I ended up taking 5th because of it !

Germany is next ! See the Library page for the files you need.

The files you need to install to race with us are available on the Library page.

Update: Event start times are now 6:30pm MONDAYS, Pacific with the first qualifying session.

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