Round 4: Russia
I would love to give you a pass by pass account of the FiHSF1 race at Sochi, but I can’t. I lost connection part way through ! Qualifying went according to plan for some familiar names, Otto, Richard, and Glyn took the top three spots for the race to T1. The first try at racing ended up in disaster and the race was red flagged and restarted. The second go was much cleaner for all. As usual, for a street race, the finish order was a little spread out , at the end. Otto taking the checkered flag and Sean in 2nd spot, a way back, but on the lead lap. Then a group of 4 cars, that were 1 lap down. Richard getting 3rd spot and Glyn coming in 4th. I am hoping for more cars starting, finishing and racing on the same lap,at the next race in Spain.

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