Imola. Love it or hate it. Or maybe, like me, you love some parts and hate other parts. Let’s just say that with LOW downforce, comes more unforced errors. One driver had his race end, right at turn 1, with a bad shift and a ball of flames out the back. Quite a few had choice words in the Lesmos corners. Some, just had an event FREE race and did very well. Sean blew up IN the Lesmos and Otto had an easy Sunday drive. Rookie John Cook got tag teamed by the Torro Roso guys in a rough manner. Mistakes were made. Penalties will be given. The podium looked like this: Otto, Hajime, and Jeff.

The files you need to install to race with us are available on the Library page.

Update: Event start times are now 6:30pm MONDAYS, Pacific with the first qualifying session.

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