In the rear view mirror…
After the confines of Monaco, the Canadian GP seems so fast and so open. But , the walls are there, and the straights are fast. This also tends to eat up the brakes. A few drivers ran afoul of brake failure this year. Like Monaco, I think it tends to reward drivers who keep in under control. The starting grid was filled by Ezequiel, then Glen, then Rich and Glyn for the first four spots. Lap one messed things up with spins and car damage. Some of which played out later in the race. 6 drivers fell out early. At the finish, it was Ezequiel, Aron, and Glen on the podium.

Looking forward…
It’s NEW track for everyone. We have never raced there. The straights are LOOONG and some corners slow and sharp. Some 90 degree corners that look alike. Very high top speeds, but the question is, just how MUCH wing do you run ? Can you keep it together with a Monza style setup ? Find out how everyone did, after Monday !

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