FiHS Library

With a new year comes a new mod. This one is based on one we used last season, but , we have worked just as hard to improve it and find any items that the drivers need altered to improve the racing in our league and SimRacingHub. I think it is better than previous ones we’ve used in the past.

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, you may have trouble with the downloads. IE now assumes the file is an HTM or HTML file, if it doesn’t know what to do with it. If you click on them with IE, you’ll get a wall of text. Even selecting “Save As…” will not work, unless you rename the file properly AFTER you save it. These work fine with both Chrome or FireFox browsers.

Here is a link to our current mod:  FiHS/SRH 2021

The tracks can be found at SimRacingHub as well: