About FiHSF1

This league began in 2002 as a group of F1 fans, hanging out on an F1 forum. Being F1 fans, we all liked a good competition and so, the idea came up that somehow we might be able to compete with each other. The problem was that this was before there were online racing sims and we all had different sims and platforms. How did we make this work? We found hot laps on the internet for each platform and track and did some math and came up with a way to compare one lap against the others. It was just the honor system for reporting your laps accurately. It was a bit of a headache, to be sure, but we all raced that way. Eventually, we built a web site to converse on and see if others wished to join. It was the beginning of FiHSF1. Back then, we were FiHS.net.

What does FiHS stand for ? You’d better check the forum for that. It has to do with something Nikki Lauda said about monkeys.

When online sims came out for F1, we all settled on one platform. The was F1 Challenge by EA Sports. We used that sim, even with it’s flaws and not so great net code, which prompted a section of the rules about how to drive around cars with real lag issues, and a straight up championship was ready to go. No more comparing laps and calculating times.

When rFactor 1 came out, we moved to that, and then moved to rFactor 2.

What we try to keep going in our races is as much realism to our driving and penalties and rules as we can, without impacting the fun of racing. We don’t require any specific lap times to prove you are worthy, but you better drive clean, no matter how slow or fast you are. We don’t have dictators laying down the law as everyone who participates can voice their opinions. We hope that this league is a place for all levels of sim drivers.

If this sounds good, please feel free to register in the forum and join the competition.