It’s 2021. The real F1 calendar is a lot more normal and so is ours. We don’t have a big summer break, just races every 2 to 3 weeks. It’s not exactly the same as the Real F1, but it keeps a nice amount of time between events to get your laps in and be competitive.  We’re using a very similar mod to last year with some changes to try and mimic the rules changes in F1 withing the limits of what rFactor 2 physics allows.  You can get the mod in our forum.

This is the 19th F1 season, here at FiHS, and I really want it to be one of the best.

We had some changes in the reams this year which might shake things up a bit. I hope it keeps any one team from running away with a championship and keeps the field closer together.  We have openings and you can usually find an open seat if you show up for the race. Just make sure you post in the forum that you wish to race with us and I can arrange it.

We race on the Monday AFTER the real F1 race. Well, this year, after the F1 race SHOULD have been run !  Races begin at 6:30 PM with qualifying and the race starts at about 7Pm Pacific Time.

If you are looking for one of the longest running F1 sim leagues out there, you’ve found it. We take all skill levels, not just the elite drivers. Just drive clean and watch for the other drivers and you’ll fit in fine.

If you want to race, all you need to do is register in our forum and join the  Formula 1 racing season. All F1 races are at 6:30pm Pacific Time.

Click here to see the championship so far…2021 Championships

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